Conspicuous Abstinence

(You can read more on this in next month’s AdMap)

We are no longer the Mad Men generation, when more consumption
equalled more progress. The Facebook generation do not define
themselves by what they own, but, by whom they know and what
they experience. This opens up the way for very different forms of ownership.

Today, increasing numbers choose not to have a
car at all, and those who do take a more utilitarian
approach. Smart cars and other small vehicles throng
European cities, reversing decades of trading up in
size; and the phenomenon of fractional ownership
seems to be taking off, especially in the US.
Zipcar is a sign of things to come. Nominally, it’s a
‘rent by the hour’ service, with the practical advantage
that you can deliver the car wherever you like.
Dig a little deeper and it’s more like a form of community

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