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Now Fashion Really is a Tribe

For a while now, luxury brands have been moving on-line. The first switch came with heavily   flash driven applications, that could give you the rich, video driven, personalised experiences that a luxury brand deserves; then the i-phone & smart phones turned luxury customers from luddites into early adopters (‘they’re easy to use, you just need the money to buy them!); finally, a bit of recession never did anyone any harm. Saving money…..On-line fashion show anyone?

Now, one of the more interesting developments in recent years, Burberry’s Art of the Trench (www.artofthetrench.com) which has received over 4 million hits since November.

Interesting because it is:

–          A state of the art community building exercise (technically, we all know that a fashionbrand’s fans are a tribe, but rarely has it been made tangible quite like this).

–          A functioning social utility (Need ideas on how to wear your Burberry? – if I suggested a site on this, you’d probably have me arrested for criminal tedium – but done  by real people, it sort of works.)

–          A spectacular switch from the fakery of fashion to a real-life ‘street fashion’ approach, which is a very smart way to create anti-bling….


But what is really interesting about it, at least to me, is the way it brings to life something which we’ve always sort of known. i.e that brands really are more like tribes than logos.

As social utilities and social networks mature, that will become more and more self-evident.